The Consulate General of France
& The French American Chamber of Commerce
Saturday June 1st 6:30 PM
At The Lone Star Flight Museum

June 6th, 2019 will be the 75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings and with it, a wonderful occasion to celebrate our heroes from WW2.
Join us for a festive celebration of the freedom and way of life that were made possible by the Greatest Generation, 75 years ago.
Veterans, American and French official representatives will participate in this honoring of our shared values and history - an important heritage. The proceeds of the fundraising activities will be donated to veteran-dedicated programs.
For more information visit the FACC website

Our friends at France-Amérique,* are offering a discounted subscription to Alliance members. Please come by the office (or call 713-526-1121) for your discount coupon. Use ptomo code: EDU-AF-HTX

Vente de livres

Take advantage of our vente de livres d’occasion (used book sale) at the Alliance. As we continue to clean out our shelves to make room for new acqusitions, we have a wide variety of used books on offer; text books, novels, history and children’s books, and more. And all books are priced at just $1. (Oui! Un dollar!)