An Evening with
Jean-Benoit Nadeau

January 17 6PM

John-Benoit NADEAU is the author of a number of books including The Bonjour Effect: The Secret Codes of French Conversation Revealed (2014), an exploration of the French art of conversation from the point of view of a North American. It will be enlightening for anyone who has ever traveled to France or will ever do so! Though Nadeau is from Quebec, his book is a fun look at cultural differences between North American and French mentalities based on his years living in Paris with his wife and co-author Julie Barlow. You can read more about the book here (New York Times article), you can also check out his Bilingual website. Enjoy an evening with a funny and engaging speaker. Thanks to the local AATF chapter. No charge and all are invited.

Vente de livres

Take advantage of our vente de livres d’occasion (used book sale) at the Alliance. As we continue to clean out our shelves to make room for new acqusitions, we have a wide variety of used books on offer; text books, novels, history and children’s books, and more. And all books are priced at just $1. (Oui! Un dollar!)