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Alliance Française de Houston - Projet Deuxième Siècle

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, the Alliance Française de Houston remains, above all else, an immersive language school. But language and culture are inseparably intertwined, which means our mission as we embark upon our second century is to enhance our role as a true alliance, a gathering place that’s equal parts welcoming, interesting, and relevant to Francophiles and Francophones alike.

We are fortunate to have a real home that we own, one that has a hundred years of history within its walls. However, our building at 427 Lovett Boulevard needs some love to restore it to its former elegance, and our website and social networking infrastructure also require major upgrades. Work has begun on the latter, using a one-time grant we received from the Federation of Alliance Françaises USA. But, as a Texas 501(c)3 corporation, we are a non-profit and a locally autonomous organization that receives no regular assistance from either the French government or the national umbrella organization.

To get to where we want to go – and we’re dreaming big! – it will take helping hands from a wide variety of entities. Our membership and student enrollment must return to pre-COVID-19 levels, and philanthropical support from outside sources must be secured. Because the pandemic dramatically impacted our revenue stream, we must move forward post haste. If you are already a member of the Alliance family, a heartfelt grand merci! If you are not, please consider joining – especially at the new annual benefactor ($300 individual/$ 450 family) or lifetime ($1,000/$1,500) levels.

Separately, we will be creating an attractive thank-you plaque, to be displayed prominently in the Alliance, that will commemorate this most meaningful of anniversaries. After all, how many organizations in Houston can claim a century’s worth of history? For one-off donations of $100, $500 or $1,000, your name and/or the name of your business will be included for posterity.

To join our family as a member, re-up your membership or to help us celebrate our 100th birthday with a contribution, contact Angela Gomez at 713 526-1121, or mail a check to the Alliance Française Houston in care of Angela at 427 Lovett Blvd, Houston TX 77006. With your generous assistance, we can reestablish our position as a lynchpin for Houston’s Equipe Française with a nicely spruced-up meeting/classroom space in the heart of Houston where we can celebrate the French language and l’art de vivre through frequent educational presentations, musical events and food-and-wine tastings with friends, new and old.

We hugely appreciate your kind consideration. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally or to any of our board members – our contact information follows – with thoughts or suggestions, or to hear in greater detail about our past successes and future plans.

Dale Robertson

President, Board of Directors


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