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🇫🇷 Exclusive Documentary about the Alliance(s) Française(s) 🇫🇷

"Every Alliance Française Is a Little Piece of France"

Think of it as a “French language and culture multinational,” with headquarters on Boulevard Raspail in Paris and 840 branches in 133 countries, including 106 in the U.S. Welcome to the Alliance Française!

Founded 140 years ago, the institution is the focus of a new documentary, Alliance(s) Française(s), available on TV5MONDEplus.

Isabelle Leroux, president of the Federation of Alliances Françaises U.S.A. and member of the board of directors of the Alliance Française in Miami, and Hamza Djimli, Alliances Françaises coordinator at the French embassy, shared their views on this unique network of cultural influence.

By Clément Thiery - November 15, 2023. Documentary in French with English subtitles.


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