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For Children age 4-6 years old


The method Les Loustics A1, is, as are almost all modern methods, based upon "the communicative approach".  This is a well-rounded method with exposure to reading, writing, and grammar, but with primary emphasis placed on oral communication.  


This method, which is one of the most-used methods for adult French language education around the world, consists of a textbook, workbook, listening cd, and cd rom.  

You will use this method for the second year of study (level A1 - beginner 4-6 years old kids).                         


Consists of a textbook and workbook. 

The books are shipped via FEDEX.


Or you can pick up from our office:

In-person office hours (except holidays), all other times please call 713-526-1121.

  • Office hours :

    Mon-Tue 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Les Petits Loustics A1 (level 2) Textbook+ Workbook

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