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Bob Smith

Website & Tech Support

A native Texan, born in San Antonio, Bob Smith attended K-12 in Lubbock, Texas and graduated from Galveston college. While still attending the University of Houston he began a career repping wine and spirits to Houston‘s bars, restaurants and country clubs. His father, a restauranteur, operated a fine dining restaurant and nightclub in Lubbock where Bob learned to prepare tableside fare such as Steak Tartare, Tournedos Rossini and crêpe Suzette by the time he entered high school. He was already a dedicated magician performing live on television for the first time when he was 12 years old. During the comedy club boom of the 80s he worked as a comedy magician and sleight-of-hand artist. Becoming a contract performer he is still performing for private corporate events, meetings and conventions. Over the years these  extended organically into trade shows, industrial films and television wild-spots.

He is also a lifelong cycling fanatic and is the shipping, receiving and e-commerce coordinator for one of the largest bike shops in Texas. He first came to the Alliance before Y2K to assist with database management and creating the monthly newsletter when it was designed with a new thing called desktop publishing before delivery to the offset print shop. His role expanded to include as it does today assisting with building issues, catering and events, A/V tech, website and computer tech support.

(713) 526-1121

Bob Smith
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