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Get in touch with us at Alliance Française de Houston through our Contact Us page. Whether you have questions about our French language courses, cultural events, or corporate language training, we are here to assist you. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the information and support you need. Feel free to reach out via phone, email, or by filling out the contact form. We value your inquiries and look forward to connecting with you. Let's embark on this language and cultural journey together!

Visit Our School

For more information or questions, please contact us:


427 Lovett Blvd, Houston, TX 77006



(713) 526-1121


Mon-Tue-Wed 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Thu  9:00 am –  2:00 pm

Fri 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

Sat 9:00 am – 12:00 pm



Contact Us

Thank You for contacting Alliance Française de Houston!

  • Is there anything I should know about parking at Alliance Française de Houston?
    Yes, please avoid parking on the north side of the 400 block of Lovett Blvd after 6:00 PM. Be mindful of local parking regulations to ensure a hassle-free experience during your visit.
  • What French classes are offered?
    All levels of French classes are offered, from total beginners to advance conversation online and in person. Classes meet mornings, afternoons, evenings, and a limited number of weekend classes. Be sure to check out our current 10-week session of classes on the website : French classes.
  • How many people are in a class?
    Our classes are small, minimum 4 students and maximum 10. We use a communicative immersion approach and require our teachers to be French native speakers. The class is conducted in French and grammar is explained in English. We cover the 4 elements of learning a language; reading, writing, listening and speaking. The goal of all classes is to get you speaking the soonest. There is no deadline to register, our classes close once we have 10 students. Registration can be done on the website with a credit/debit card.
  • How do I determine which level of French to register for?
    We place students in classes based on their formal French instruction and what they remember. We offer all levels of French, from total beginners all the way to advance conversation (level A1 to C2). You are not stuck in any class, after the first class you and the teacher will know and he or she can give you a recommendation, or you could simply ask to try another class. There is flexibility. See our levels.
  • What happens if there aren't enough students to meet the minimum enrollment for a group class?
    Group enrollment requires a minimum of 4 students. Until this minimum is met, registration is considered pending. Students will be offered the option to join another class or continue as a semi-private class.
  • What happens if the class enrollment drops below 4 students during the course?
    If class enrollment drops to 2-3 students, we will make every effort to continue the class. This may involve merging it with another class at the same level or converting it into a semi-private class.
  • Is there a cancellation policy for private and semi-private classes?
    Private and semi-private classes can be canceled with no penalty if the student provides at least 24 hours' notice. Without 24-hour notice, the student will be charged for 1 hour.
  • Is there a discount for missed classes in group sessions?
    Unfortunately, no discounts can be provided for absences in group classes. The tuition is based on a full class of 4-10 students, which is why we cannot offer discounts for individual absences. This approach allows us to maintain competitive prices and compensate our quality teaching staff.
  • What are the alternatives for students with irregular schedules due to work or travel?
    Students with irregular schedules are encouraged to explore private lessons, semi-private classes, or our "French at Your Desk" program. These options offer greater flexibility and scheduling options.
  • What is the refund policy for group classes at Alliance Française de Houston?
    As a non-profit organization, we are unable to offer refunds once a class has begun.
  • How can I catch up on missed class material if I'm absent?
    If you must be absent, your teacher will be happy to inform you about the material covered during your absence. For multiple absences, it may be advisable to consider private lessons.
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