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School policies

The Alliance Française of Houston is a dynamic educational and cultural 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the French language and francophone cultures through unique programs. 

We appreciate your interest in the French language and the Alliance Française and hope you will not only profit from your studies, but also enjoy the friendship of other students and members of the Alliance Française. 

While enrolled as a student at the Alliance Française Language School, you can enroll for an annual membership in the organization, entitling you to participate in all of our cultural and social events (lectures, films, debates, exhibits, recitals and more). 


Because of our low tuition rates and the limited number of students per class, absolutely NO REFUND OR CREDIT will be given after the start of the session. Should you decide to withdraw before the first day of the session, a 10% finance charge will be retained by the Alliance Française. 

In order to form a group class, the Alliance Française requires that there are a minimum of four students per class. In the event that we do not attain this four-student minimum, we will offer an alternative class. If you prefer, we will give you a full refund. 


All returning students are waived the $25 registration fees. All active members (paying members annually) of the Alliance Française de Houston are entitled to a % 5 reduction on the group class tuition. All corporate members are entitled to a 20% discount on group class tuition only. 

In the event that you miss a group class during the session, a make-up class may be arranged at your convenience by private tutoring ($75.00/hour) or you may attend another class of the same level at a different time.

All private-lesson contracts and semi-private lesson contracts must be completed in the time frame agreed upon at the start of the contract. Any cancellation of a private or semi-private lesson MUST be done 24 HOURS PRIOR to the scheduled class time in order to avoid being charged for the class. 

No private-lesson contract can be changed in its form until it is completed and renewed.

 Thank you for your cooperation!



Students enrolled in online courses are expected to follow and respect these guidelines:

Students are expected to be in a quiet and serene place that is conducive and appropriate for a learning environment. Noise should be kept to a minimum. 

Students should have their camera and microphone on while attending online classes. This allows for better student and instructor interaction and an engaging learning process.

Students are expected to answer questions and interact with fellow classmates during online sessions under the instructor’s guidance.



Alliance Française de Houston prides itself in offering a positive learning environment. Respect among students, instructors, and staff is of the utmost importance. 

Alliance Française de Houston reserves the right to refuse a student’s return to any class in the event of behavioral or discipline issues. 

In the event of a disruptive event from a student during class, the instructor will immediately inform the student or parent(s) and the program coordinator. After being notified, the student or parent(s) is/are expected to ensure the student’s return to class will no longer cause any disruptions to the learning environment.

In the event of a second disruptive incident, the instructor will notify the program coordinator, and the program coordinator will notify the executive director. The executive director and the program coordinator will have a direct conversation with the student or parent(s) in which it will be clearly stated that a third incident will result in the dismissal of the student from the class. 

In the event of a third disruptive incident, the student or parent(s) will be informed by the executive director that the student has been dismissed permanently from the class and is no longer allowed to continue with the course. 


Once purchased, textbooks and course materials cannot be refunded. 


Once purchased, placement test cannot be refunded.


Students, members, and attendees at events or cultural programs should be aware that their picture may be taken and used for marketing purposes.


Alliance Française de Houston strictly prohibits any individual from carrying or possessing a weapon on the institution’s property.


Alliance Française de Houston is an apolitical and secular organization.

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