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Isabelle Perreau

French Teacher

Bonjour! Je suis Isabelle Perreau, a native of Angers - Loire Valley, France. With a deep-rooted passion for education, philosophy, and the French language, my journey as a teacher has been a fulfilling adventure spanning diverse countries and cultures.

Academic and Professional Background:

I hold a Masters degree with honors in Philosophy from the esteemed Paris University of Nanterre. My pursuit of knowledge led me to Caracas, Venezuela, where I embarked on a different path as a psychoanalyst, becoming a member of the Escuela del Campo Freudiano founded by J. Lacan in Caracas.

Teaching Journey:

My love for teaching became evident during my time in Caracas. At the Alliance Française of Caracas, I embraced the opportunity to share my language and culture with eager learners. Simultaneously, I taught Philosophy at the Colegio Francia, where my own children attended. I also served as the head teacher of the department of French for the Venezuelan section.

From Caracas to Houston:

Life's journey brought me to Houston, where I continued my passion for teaching at the Alliance Française of Houston. For 23 years, I have dedicated myself to empowering students with the beauty of the French language and fostering a deep appreciation for its culture.

Enriching Experiences:

Throughout my teaching career, I have orchestrated enriching experiences for my students. Organizing class trips, hosting a monthly ciné-club, art exhibitions, and literary gastronomic dinners with my advanced students, have been rewarding opportunities to engage with my learners beyond the classroom.

Photography and Art:

Beyond teaching, I am a keen photographer and a member of Archway Gallery. My creative pursuits have led me to participate three times in the prestigious FotoFest International. My first exhibit, "Sous le ciel de Paris," was hosted at the Alliance Française in March 2016.

Passion and Dedication:

As your French teacher, I am driven by my passion for language, culture, and art. My goal is to make your language journey enjoyable, enlightening, and memorable. Together, we will explore the nuances of French, embracing its elegance and captivating history.

Join Me on This Linguistic Adventure:

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, I am excited to embark on this linguistic adventure with you. Let us journey together, celebrate the beauty of the French language, and unlock a world of possibilities.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer bientôt! (Looking forward to meeting you soon!) 💁🏻‍♀️

Isabelle Perreau
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