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Stéphanie Perton Corder

Pedagogical Leader/Formatrice Pédagogique

My name is Stéphanie Perton Corder and I’ve been working with the Alliance Française of Houston since 2019.

I was born in Morocco, moved to Cameroon where I lived until I was 7, then to Paris and finally Montpellier in the South of France where I got my secondary-school teaching diploma in English and French literature (CAPLP lettres-anglais).

I  have a Master degree in French as a Foreign Language ( FLE) as well as in English (LCE).

I was teaching English and French litterature in high school in Paris France before moving to Houston to marry my husband who is from Houston.Together we had two sweet girls, Chloé 10 and Éva 8.

Because of my background, I have always been passionate about traveling and learning about different cultures.

Teaching languages has always seemed like a foregone conclusion to me. I am extremely interested in human beings, psychology, and sociology. Language is the reflection of our culture, our way of thinking and being . 

I enjoy teaching different levels, adults as well as kids. I like to observe, understand and adjust my teaching to the needs of the groups I have.

My main strengths as a teacher are benevolence, patience, organisation, and availability.

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you my passion for my beautiful language and culture!

Stéphanie Perton Corder
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