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Valérie Bernard

French Teacher

I was born and raised in a Paris neighborhood near Versailles.

It’s the parisian countryside surrounded by many woods and by many cultural touches of Paris.

I moved to Houston in July 2023 to follow my husband in expatriation.

I have a master degree of school teaching for children in elementary school.

I have been teaching in France for 15 years. I have begun to teach at the Alliance Française oh Houston since October 2023.

My class is based on the French learning with a trusting environment, a reciprocal listening and a sharing of French Traditions.

I enjoy travelling, receiving my family and my friends, swimming, walking and discovering all the new cultural events.

My goals in class are to bring to my students the best learning experience based on listening, reading, writing, speaking and to share together the french language and the french culture.

Valérie Bernard
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