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Juan Martinez

French Teacher

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Juan Martinez et je suis professeur de français.

To say that I am passionate about French language, history, art, and culture would be an understatement. I began learning French when I was very young because I was so intrigued by it, so I very well understand the challenges and implications of learning the language for beginning students. In the early stages of my education, I was very fortunate to study abroad three times in Québec, at Université Laval, where I pursued studies in French-Canadian and French literature. And I also had the opportunity to study in Paris, at the Alliance Française, where I took general language courses and also a course in literature. These experiences enabled me to become fluent and continue my studies in French.

As I delved in this journey, I became extremely interested in the Middle Ages. Medieval French literature and history have, for a very long time, been my main areas of interest. My favorite works of medieval literature are Le Roman de la Rose and Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut, as well as the poems by Bernard de Ventadour. As I became immersed in these, I became more and more interested in the material and artistic production of the period. This then led me to the field of art history, which I have been engaged in for a long time now. My fields of research deal with Antique, Late Antique, Early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic art.

I have been teaching languages and humanities courses at several Higher Education institutions in Houston since 1999. I have worked with a broad and diverse student body throughout all these years. It brings me great joy to see students learn, use the language, and develop their skills. To blend language learning with another field in the Liberal Arts is one of my future goals. My degrees are in French and Spanish, an MA in Literature and Linguistics, and an MLA in Art History which I just recently concluded. I also speak Italian.

Traveling is one of my passions as well. The love of languages, art, and culture has taken me to places all around the world. Places I never thought I would discover. 

My hobbies, apart from traveling, also include cooking, watching television and films, reading, research, origami, music, concerts, and trying out new restaurants. I am always open to trying new foods and discovering new places.

I hope to see you in one of our courses to embark on a new and exciting adventure!

Juan Martinez
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